All About Solar Water Heaters

There is a lot of focus being put into green energy and efficiency, especially when it concerns homes and businesses. Solar energy is one of the most efficient upgrades you can make to your home, but you don’t have to have the same system as everyone else. If you’re not ready to go big and get an entire solar energy system installed, you can start with something small like a solar water heater.

Let’s look at some of the things that you need to know about solar water heaters before getting started and adding them to your home or business.

How Solar Water Hearing Works

When you have a solar water heating system it will directly heat any of the water that is getting pumped into and cycled through your building. There are several different kinds of systems that can be added onto buildings, including active systems and passive systems.

Active vs. Passive

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Before you get a solar water heater, you need to understand the difference between active systems and passive systems. Active systems will automatically detect when there is sunlight and will collect it. These options are ideal for places that don’t see extreme cold temperatures, but there are also active systems that can handle freezing temperatures and even temperatures below zero.

A passive solar water heating system can be the ideal solution for household that need a lot of hot water. They are very reliable and have a large storage tank that keeps water hot for whenever you need it. Both systems can be installed by handyman services in kansas city, mo, so you won’t even have to worry about DIY installation issues.

Knowing the types of solar water heaters will help you on your journey, but the best thing to do is do research and speak with professionals about the needs of your home to make the best decision.