Golf Specials: Getting More People Onto Your Greens

Golf is a highly loved and popular sport and if you are a golf club owner, you likely just want to do everything you can to keep people showing up and playing so you can continue to provide a place for local folks to come play. Keeping your business alive is dependent on making sure you have customers coming in, though, and keeping them coming in depends on your marketing prowess.

Troon Golf Course Management Company

Ready to get more folks into your golf course? Think about a few helpful hints.

Consider Online Specials

Where do people spend a good amount of their free time these days? On social media! Make sure you have pages setup on platforms like Facebook, Yelp, Google My Business, and other relevant business platforms. Here, you can post specials that might encourage people to come and check out your course.

You might run a Facebook Special where someone will get a certain amount of money off a game if they mention the Facebook Special. Conversely, you could select one lucky Facebook member a day to have a free round of golf. Social media specials like these are highly likely to get people talking about your golf business.

Consider “Buy One Get One” Deals

In the context of golf, this could be as simple as paying for one game of golf and getting to play another for free. You might even think about offering free games to families with young kids-for example: “Kids 10 and younger play for free!”

You can decide on the specifics of the special deals on your own, but just know that with some imagination, you should be able to come up with a special deal that will get more folks to come and check out your business.

Bring On the Pros

If you are still having trouble getting folks to come check out your golf course, it might be time to bring in golf management professionals such as those at the Troon Golf Course Management Company. Experts can help you turn around the performance of your golf course, hopefully aiding to make it the biggest name in town when it comes to golf.